01 May 2017

Funk Zone Murals R. Nelson Parrish, An International Artist

If you’ve ever watched the landscape whip past as you are moving at high speeds – whether driving, skiing, surfing, biking or racing – you will understand the inspiration for R. Nelson Parrish’s work. Parrish expresses the blur of movement murals he has created around town, including in the newly opened Funk Zone location of Impact Hub Santa Barbara.

In the new Impact Hub location, you will find his art subtly worked into the walls, with two eye-catching murals that draw you in and add color to the space. Viewed from various angles, the murals appear differently. Their boldly colored horizontal lines and a color pattern representative of Santa Barbara’s sky, mountains and ocean add a striking dimension to the Funk Zone facility.

Nelson said Impact Hub co-founder, Dan Ferrick and director of corporate partnerships, Donna Compaglia, were inspired by the look and feel of his work around town and commissioned him to create the murals. “The aesthetics of the rugged natural beauty of Santa Barbara’s mountains and ocean as well as the chic feel of its urban center are apparent in the work. We wanted something that connected the space to our unique and beautiful surroundings.”

“All of my work, particularly when it comes to commissions, are collaborations between me and the collector,” Nelson said. “It is more about me being a storyteller.”

In developing the Funk Zone murals, Nelson was tasked with creating art that was inspired by “living in Santa Barbara, the air, mountains, and beach aesthetic.” He also recognized that the floor plan is reminiscent of a clock, which seems fitting considering many entrepreneurs work at all hours. Parrish said, “[The murals are] also about your hustle; you’re constantly hustling, but if you do what you love, you never have to work.”

Ultimately, the work Parrish completed in the new space helps bring Impact Hub and the local Funk Zone scene together in a way we couldn’t have imagined previously. Reflecting on his past 10 years of being an artist in Santa Barbara, Parrish said, “I’m very lucky to be a working artist in Santa Barbara, this is the best job I’ve ever had.”

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Article written by Ray Estrada, edited by Kathryn Arthur