03 Jan 2017

Member Spotlight: The Secret Life of Roy


A new layer of vibrant turquoise paint spreads across the canvas under the purposeful sweep of the artist’s hand. The familiar smells of oil paint, turpentine, and canvas fill his downtown Santa Barbara studio, enveloping him in yet another solitary evening as creativity bursts from his paintbrush and soft music patters in the background.

This is Roy Clark, an entrepreneur newly pursuing his passion. Just over a year ago, this same man was sitting at his desk in the office of a small local tech company. Fortunate for a 20-something, he was quite happy with his marketing job and the lifestyle it afforded.

But then passion came calling.

A year ago, Roy decided to pick up a paintbrush for the first time after a ten year break and dive into the world of oil painting. He was immediately hooked. Craving time and space to get lost in the reverie of creative work, he felt an increasingly strong tug toward the freedom and autonomy an entrepreneurial life could provide. Since he deeply enjoyed his current work, Roy began to envision running his own company in this field. It wasn’t long before he gave notice and struck out on his own as Driply Automation. He was now free to create a schedule on his own terms, including ample blocks of time for painting.

Roy found his way to Impact Hub Santa Barbara in the same way many others do – seeking an environment that would allow him to be more productive in his day-to-day work. Here he has found a community of like-minded individuals, as well as a pool of potential business contacts and clients. He values the opportunity to rub shoulders and expand his network with professionals in a variety of fields while still focusing on his own work.

His days are now divided between Impact Hub, where he helps clients leverage marketing automation, and his art studio, where he gets to delve deeper into various artistic mediums, develop new techniques, and revel in creative freedom he once only dreamed of.


Written by Kathryn Arthur

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