01 Jun 2017

Remotely Motivated

 “When my boss asked if I could work remotely rather than leave the company, I knew exactly what I needed.”
Celine Derai has a familiar story. An incredible job opportunity presented itself to her husband and suddenly change was in the air. The opportunity meant relocating the entire family to Santa Barbara, consequentially causing Celine to make some significant life changes of her own, including in her career.
Assuming she would be leaving her job before the move, she went into work with a plan to break the news to her employers. Instead, her boss, impressed with her consistently high level of work and professionalism, asked her to stay on with the company even if it meant working remotely.
“I prefer not to work from home for a variety of reasons, so when I was asked to work remotely, I knew what I needed – a coworking space.”
For an array of different reasons, remote work has exploded across the United States with recent stats reporting 3.3 million full-time professionals, excluding volunteers and the self employed, who consider home as their primary place of work. With half of the U.S. workforce in jobs that are compatible with remote work, these numbers are surely going to grow. As the traditional sense of workplace becomes less common, unfamiliar challenges begin to arise; that is where a coworking space like Impact Hub fits.
A feeling of isolation is one of the primary challenges facing remote workers. At first, working from home can seem a fantastic break. Slowly however, remote workers start to long for the sense of community that is attached to a shared office. Community is a universal craving and is one of the leading challenges addressed by a coworking space.
Setting boundaries between home and work life is another major stress point for remote workers. When working and living in the same space, it can be difficult to fully “shut off” after hours and over the weekend. This inability to maintain boundaries can then lead to unnecessary stress and feelings of guilt for many working adults. Having a coworking space to turn to can be a huge benefit for those trying to keep work separate from their home life.
Celine recognized these challenges with remote work and thus knew that a coworking space would be the best solution. So she did what anyone in her position would do, she asked that her company help her find and pay for her membership at a coworking space in the Santa Barbara area.
Conveniently, the COO of her company has a brother utilizing coworking spaces in Santa Barbara and he recommended she take a look at two well-known spaces in town, one of which was Impact Hub.
“When I walked through the doors of Impact Hub Santa Barbara, I absolutely fell in love with the space and the community. I joined as a full time member as soon as I could and I haven’t looked back since.”
Now, Celine and her family are settled in the Santa Barbara area, her daughter is at a local school, her husband is working an excellent job and Celine is still employed by her Bay Area based employer, as a happy remote worker.
Celine now says, “Having a space like Impact Hub in the Santa Barbara community made it possible for me to keep my job. I have found that I am very productive here and I wouldn’t change a thing. This is just what I needed.”
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Written by: Kathryn Arthur