03 Dec 2018

Member Spotlight: Prakash Chandran

  It is worth noting that, as I attempt to put words to the captivating Prakash Chandran—startup consultant, entrepreneur, and user experience whiz—I have two parallel windows open: one, to a search for the video game, “Doom.” The other, “Quake.” As I weed through our hour-long conversation, covering everything from modern adolescence to the hilarity … Continue reading →Member Spotlight: Prakash Chandran
05 Nov 2018

Reflection: Opportunity Collaboration

  A few weeks ago, a few of us from Santa Barbara were able to travel to Mexico to attend Opportunity Collaboration, a convening of non-profit executives, social entrepreneurs, grant-makers, impact investors, corporations, media advocates and academics all devoted to building sustainable solutions to poverty and injustice. Despite the relaxed beachside environment (panelists showed up … Continue reading →Reflection: Opportunity Collaboration
01 Oct 2018

Member Spotlight: Angel Speier

Angel turned a crisis into a creation when her husband Kev was diagnosed with cancer. “Packed Kits was started, well, on accident really. We didn’t plan for cancer. No one does.” I sat adjacent to her as she paused and looked up at the ceiling, eyes glistening. What was a well thought out package sent … Continue reading →Member Spotlight: Angel Speier
04 Sep 2018

Member Spotlight: Elizabeth Scharpf

Yes SHE Can Interview with Elizabeth Scharpf, Founder & CEO of Sustainable Health Enterprises (SHE), by Jenna Tico “It’s not like a three-cent Maxi Pad is my passion,” Elizabeth Scharpf smiles, smoothing her hands across the table between us. “Or like menstruation is my passion. But it’s a gateway to very large conversations about important … Continue reading →Member Spotlight: Elizabeth Scharpf
31 Jul 2018

Member Spotlight: Angelica Hernandez

  At the Hub we’re often surrounded by other like minded professionals. We use this space for collaboration, business development and tag teaming…with other entrepreneurs. This month, we’d like to introduce you to the woman who is working one on one with first generation high school kids – and change their lives.   Meet Angelica … Continue reading →Member Spotlight: Angelica Hernandez
03 Jul 2018

Member Spotlight: Tom Quisel

  When becoming an astronaut seems too lofty a goal, naturally, the next move is study computer science engineering and build a dating website….right?! For Tom Quisel, his aeronautics childhood dream evolved into making waves in the virtual dating world. On the surface, one might not easily find the common denominator between cryptocurrency, health care and … Continue reading →Member Spotlight: Tom Quisel
05 Jun 2018

Member Spotlight: Erin Fredregill

ERIN FREDREGILL IS SEARCHING FOR AN INTERN* *But she knows how to keep it subtle Jenna Tico 6.4.2018 “I like that there are four letters: E-R-I-N, F-R-E-D.” I’m sitting across from Erin Fredregill, previously known as Erin Min; additionally known as Erin Fred; and increasingly known as a powerhouse of marketing and content creation for … Continue reading →Member Spotlight: Erin Fredregill
04 Apr 2018

Member Spotlight: Rodney Loehr

Make water, don’t take it!  You know that impure plastic bottle of water you see people downing at the gym, or grabbing off the shelf at the supermarket, that eventually makes its way in our oceans? It takes a lot of energy to ship and manufacture that one liter of instant gratification. Rodney Loehr created … Continue reading →Member Spotlight: Rodney Loehr
04 Apr 2018

Member Spotlight: Kristin Rocco

When you think about it, every month could be Women’s Month—compare “able to make life” with any job, I double dare you—however, March bears a particular sparkle in honoring the strong females in our lives: and Kristin Rocco, Impact Hub member and author of 50 Days of Grace, is the perfect reminder of all the forms … Continue reading →Member Spotlight: Kristin Rocco
11 May 2017


  Luscious rose petals caress one another in the display case, filling the room with a heady scent. The client’s anticipation is palpable as Rita Tate unveils several mood boards, each showing a possible design for the floor-to-ceiling floral showpiece she’s been commissioned to complete. It is time to make a decision. As the client … Continue reading →Homegrown