01 Oct 2018

Member Spotlight: Angel Speier

Angel turned a crisis into a creation when her husband Kev was diagnosed with cancer.

“Packed Kits was started, well, on accident really. We didn’t plan for cancer. No one does.”

I sat adjacent to her as she paused and looked up at the ceiling, eyes glistening.

What was a well thought out package sent to Kev from Angels sister, is now a thriving business helping the lives of people in need.


“It was exactly what we needed.”

The original care package sent by Angel’s little sister has now been transformed into their Packed Kits. Though it has evolved, what remains the same is an extremely heartfelt, thoughtful, researched, functional and convenient gift with nothing you would have thought of, but everything you would need going through chemotherapy.

“It was one less thing to worry about, and one less thing to worry about during these times makes a world of a difference.”


From canvas leather duffle bags of cozy socks and a Berkshire blanket, thermometers and peppermints, all the way to Damnit Dolls, headphones, and a Peace, Love and F-ing Happiness coloring book, Packed Kits is the perfect gift for anyone with cancer. After doing a bit of research of my own, truth be told, I’d likely live in those socks, count down the days until it’s appropriate to wear the hat, and have to be dragged out of my house to let go of the blanket in one of the Packed Kits. I’m not even going to get started on how I feel about the “Kick Cancer’s Ass Kit!” or we’ll be here all day.

“It’s the ‘What can I give someone who has cancer? What can I do?’ gift.”

Angel’s goal is to create a nonprofit to help families who lose the breadwinner to cancer. Words left her lips with passion and distain as she said “I hate the fact that people don’t have the same support that I did.” The community of Santa Barbara came together for her, which eased her transition into a new chapter of her life. Angel wants to give that support to others.

“There is a lot of failure in business and cancer,” Angel said as she continued to talk about some of the doubts and frustration she’s had in creating Packed Kits.

“Honestly, people believe in us and we believe in the product too, and so it’s just a matter of putting your head down and keeping with it. That’s probably the best lesson that I’ve learned.”

Angel’s idea to turn one gift into a gift for many kept her husband and her busy during a difficult time, and gave her something to continue to grow and care for after Kev passed away.

“When things happen, you have to look for the doors that open because of it.”

Learn more about Packed Kits HERE!

Interview and article by Brooke Lyn