04 Apr 2018

Member Spotlight: Rodney Loehr

Make water, don’t take it! 

You know that impure plastic bottle of water you see people downing at the gym, or grabbing off the shelf at the supermarket, that eventually makes its way in our oceans? It takes a lot of energy to ship and manufacture that one liter of instant gratification. Rodney Loehr created a way to take water, sustainability, independence, and gratification to a whole new level.

AquaViable imitates nature by condensing humidity found in the air and produces water the same way clouds do in the atmosphere when it rains. This cutting edge technology creates water 10x more pure than premium bottled drinking water, providing freedom from chemicals, heavy metals, hormones, and other contaminants.  It also reduces the waste of plastic water bottles. These machines have the potential to produce up to 900 gallons of water a day! AquaViable not only improves our health but our environment and independence as well.

The Impact Hub opened their doors to founder Rodney Loehr before they opened to the public, so he could begin working on his prototypes for AquaViable. He thanks The Impact Hub — particularly what he called “The billion dollar table” in the communities kitchen — for all of the quick connections, help, and support, it was able to provide.

Rodney and his business partner have since turned their team of two, into a business with a sales team, a warehouse crew, and much more. He has expanded across the state of California, and is talking to people all throughout the country. AquaViable is on fire, or should I say on water, to make the world independently healthy!

Interviewed by Brooke Lyn Landon.