Chrystal Clifton

Strategist & Success Coach

Chrystal Clifton worked over 15 years to grow two wine businesses from small, unknown brands to internationally recognized and known for their distinguished cultures. Her businesses and brands grew to over 7 figures and she was what most people would call “very successful” – but she realized she was pouring herself into her work in a way that was overwhelming, stressful, and not sustainable.

Chrystal made a major change, and started growing her business in a more soulful way; one that grew profits, passion and a life she loved but without depleting her life force!

Now she is passionate and dedicated to working with business owners and leaders so they can have the breakthroughs they need to keep them growing & creating a business and life THEY LOVE!

Chrystal can assist you with:

  • Sales and profit strategies
  • Bold marketing strategies to build profit
  • Brand story
  • Standing out in a busy marketplace
  • Defining your Fascination value
  • Female business leadership

*Available to Part Time, Full Time, Dedicated Desk and Office Members

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