Gene Urban

Presentation Skills

Most people focus on “what” they say during a presentation versus “how” they say it. Study after study finds over 80% of an audience buy-in comes from the “how,” not the “what.”

Sign up for individual, 40-minute mentoring sessions with Gene Urban, who specializes in magical performances and keynote speeches at corporate events worldwide, with a strong specialization in trade show presentations and product launches. Gene has performed close-up magic and motivational programs focusing on customer service and achievement for a wide variety of companies including Microsoft, Apple Computer, Johnson & Johnson, Hilton Hotels, UBS, Siemens, Cox Communications, Ralph Lauren, The NFL, Arizona State University and more.

In 2016 Gene added Presentation Skills Training to his “bag of tricks.” Using expertise gained from delivering over 13,000 product presentations and 100’s of keynote talks and shows, Gene helps people become confident speakers. He teaches presentation skills at USC and LMU. In additions he is a Toastmasters’ mentor and has served as VP of Education and President with the organization.

Current or Past Member Affiliations

  • National Speakers Association
  • Meeting Professionals International
  • International Association of Exhibitions and Events
  • Toastmasters, Intl.
  • Academy of Magical Arts (The Magic Castle)
  • Society of American Magicians

Areas of Expertise

  • Eliminating/reducing fear of public speaking
  • Scripting
  • Rehearsal techniques
  • How to use your voice for maximum impact
  • Body movement skills
  • Proper use of stage or conference table.
  • Things to do before you start your talk
  • Character development
  • Using PowerPoint (does not include PP creation, focuses on proper use of remotes and best practices for integration in a presentation)

*Available to Part Time, Full Time, Dedicated Desk and Office Members

**Prepare a 2-4 minute talk or presentation, as a foundation to work from!

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