Prakash Chandran

Startup Consultant

Prakash Chandran is a startup consultant with expertise in the areas of User Experiences (UX), Product Development, Messaging, Go-to-market strategy and building an MVP. His role varies from client to client but he usually steps in as a Head of Product or Head of Operations during the time he is with them.

Prakash founded Zabinet in 2015, a small business referral platform that enables customers to recommend their experience in one click. Zabinet sold in May of 2017. Prior to Zabinet, Prakash was the Head of Enterprise UX with Google, where he led the global Design & Research team for Gsuite, led the design on Google Calendar, and co-led design on Picasa and v1 Google Photos. Before joining Google, Prakash co-founded AstralFX, where he headed customer acquisition and designed over 50 websites, 2 software products, 50 branding projects and countless promotional and marketing assets.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Product Value, Mission & Messaging
  • Team Building
  • UX (Design & Research)
  • Prototyping (Design Mockups + Building Simple MVPs)
  • Pitching/Public Speaking/Deck Creation
  • Go-to Market Strategies

Prakash’s mentoring is best suited to individuals and organizations in the idea and early stages.

*Available to Part Time, Full Time, Dedicated Desk and Office Members

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