Russell Bishop

Conscious Business

Russell’s Conscious Consulting and Coaching work enables individuals and organizations to achieve even greater personal and professional success by focusing on the deeper, underlying meaning that drives our endeavors.

We’ve all had the experience of wanting something, busting our tail to get it, and then not experiencing the satisfaction or happiness that you thought it would bring. There’s a huge difference between fulfilling money, job or career goals and the deeper experiences we truly seek – purpose, meaning, and genuine fulfillment. 

Clearly, achieving goals and objectives are important. However, goals can be transitory, subject to changing conditions in the world. Deeper purpose and meaning that underpin those goals endure far beyond changing external conditions.

What if the secret to experiencing greater personal and professional success came from making differences worth making

The world is calling for high impact, Purpose Inspired Leaders and Individuals – difference makers committed to creating positive, purpose inspired solutions that contribute to greater balance and wellness for humankind and the planet.   

Are you part of this evolutionary impulse? Are you motivated by Purpose? Are you committed to shared vision, co-creation, and true partnership for the good of all – now and for the future?



40 years of consulting and operating expertise addressing real world business and personal challenges has afforded Russell with unique insights that inspire uncommon clarity, while helping people make differences worth making.  His extensive experience includes creator and CEO of Insight Seminars, (a personal growth seminar business with over 1,000,000 participants in 43 countries), change strategy partner at Accenture, and Editorial Director at the Huffington Post. In addition to his best-selling book, Workarounds That Work, he has published hundreds of articles for the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Huffington Post, Crain’s Chicago Business, PC World, Psychology Today, and yes, even the Santa Barbara News Press!



  • Executing Business Strategy
  • Aligning Teams with mission, purpose and strategy
  • Accelerating Productivity and Performance
  • Streamlining process and teams
  • Creating shared accountability teams
  • Blogging for digital news sites

Passion:  helping people lead more purposeful lives

  • Creating Purpose Inspired solutions for a healthy planet
  • Creating Conscious, Purpose Inspired Business: Profit with a Purpose
  • Creating Purpose Inspired Leadership Teams
  • Experience Greater Personal Value from your work
  • Experience greater balance and fulfillment in what you do
  • Conscious Living:  reducing suffering and increasing joy

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